Un Brin D'amour


My Adidas Superstar collection from the 2nd pair I got to the 11th..

Love my babies!


My Adidas Superstar collection from the 12th pair I got to the most recently pair(s) I got… Which was yesterday.. :)

I love my babies!



ADIDAS / Bedwin Superstar 80’s

Price: 160 USD

More info: http://www.adidas.com/us/product/mens-originals-bw-superstar-80s/EO253?


Run-DMC, Keith Haring & Adidas Superstar - Christmas In Hollis


I haven’t been on my Sneaker Game recently, being that I’m actually sick of the Sneaker Game.

Near-Impossible to get Exclusives, Resellers and Hypebeast really had me pumping the brakes on any new releases, -even checking the popular Sneaker sites were avoided.

So, in a way, I feel a bit sorry, that I scooped these Superstar Camo’s for $49.99.

-Sorry….? For $49.99?


This is the type of Kicks I wouldn’t had hesitated to buy at full price, It’s well worth the asking price.

This pair of Shelltoes gave me a flashback… Of a time before Internet, Hypebeast or Resellers… No HYPE.

I just happened to walk into the Adidas store on Broadway, and my eyes lit up and my jaw dropped…

I hit the Jackpot.

No Hype, no Hypebeasting, no Reseller, with his Motley-Crew buying every size the store had, nothing. They even had sizes.

Props to Adidas for just making Great sneakers, no Hype.

-And I still Break Necks.